A Case Study on Asian Localization- A Leading Retail Doughnut Franchise’s Case

1-Stop Translation develops a global solution for going international.

The Challenge

  • In the end of 2004, a renowned retail doughnut franchise was seeking entry into East Asian markets. Through a subcontract, 1-Stop Translation was presented with the opportunity to develop an internationalization scheme for the franchise’s South Korean division.
  • Internal documents on various business aspects had to be translated, including technical manuals, training guides, and legal contracts.
  • Marketing materials, including the logo, advertisements and website, required localization.
  • Translating, subtitling, voiceover and editing was needed for fifteen promotional and training videos.
  • On-site interpretation was expected for corporate meetings with possible partners in Korea.
  • Beyond translation and interpretation services, localization was expected to ensure applicability and relevance.

The Solution

As 1-Stop Translation originated in Seoul, the company has expansive knowledge of the South Korean market and a large network of resources, which made undertaking this project an obvious decision.
While limited in experience working with such a broad project, our team managed the multiple aspects of localizing an entire company within the expected timeframe.

  • The project’s Senior Linguist traveled to the franchise headquarters to receive a four-week managerial training session to ensure expert knowledge of all processes and terms for the duration of the project.
  • Our team of language specialists and subject experts developed a common glossary as well as more detailed, separate glossaries to ease translation efforts.
  • The video localization process required us to create a creative translation team for the promotional videos, and a technical translation team for the training videos. Then, we needed technical engineers and multimedia specialists to edit and dub the videos. All processes were completed by our in-house staff at our China office’s dubbing studio.
  • The localization efforts for the project were carefully determined and implemented to ensure success in the variable nature of the retail food industry.

The Benefits

As the world is growing into a more global community, the Asian market is the new frontier for businesses throughout the globe. In order to find success in these new markets, the acumen of these businesses must be focused on the needs of the target audience. 1-Stop Translation offers solutions geared toward finding success in Asia by approaching the market with culturally relevant strategies. Our translation and localization services enable these strategies to be properly implemented and managed.

For more information and for Korean, Chinese and Japanese translation service, visit us at http://www.1stoptr.com


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