A Case Study on Asian Localization- A Medical Equipment Manufacturer’s Case

1-Stop Translation offers software localization solutions to enhance accessibility and usability.

The Challenge

Our client was the Korean division of a major German maker and manufacturer of medical equipment. This project required localization of the software that runs their equipment as well as the translation of related manuals and marketing materials.

We were dealing with sensitive content that had the potential to affect people’s lives. One mistake in translation or localization had the possibility of resulting in an unsafe and liable outcome.

Our work was limited by strict regulations, as the product had to be approved for import. Furthermore, all translated documents required a review by the government to confirm compliance with Korean laws. If the document was found to be inadequate, the incurring delay could cost millions of dollars for both the importer and manufacturer.

As the software was in a raw file format, we were required to disassemble, reassemble, and then test all aspects of the software, from executable files to re-sizing windows.

The localization process required the use of separate Korean extraction software. However, the software was unable to fully support Korean character codes, and the maker of software could not provide updated solutions in time.

The Solution

It was necessary to follow a careful and thorough approach in order to accomplish this project’s goals. We made certain that our results allowed for impeccable understanding and complete relevance.

Equipped with vast resources, we were able to find reviewers with relevant doctorate degrees as well as experience working in laboratories with similar equipment.

Our language experts analyzed the source material and extracted translatable tags/units from the executable files. The separate units were individually translated, recompiled, retested, and then debugged to ensure top-notch quality.

Despite dealing with software shortcomings, our engineers found precise solutions to support the Korean character code within the software files.

Other issues included adjusting window sizes and carefully translating help files to guarantee that they would be understood by individuals using the software for the first time.

The Benefits

As businesses are transcending national boundaries, technology and innovation follow similar paths by crossing borders in order to benefit all global citizens. The growing availability of medical technology in new markets means that the quality of life can be uplifted and improved for all people. However, availability can only translate into effective usage if these products are localized for language barriers and cultural differences. 1-Stop Translation is dedicated to providing accessibility so that all people can benefit from the development of new technologies.

(For more information about how 1-Stop Translation can fulfill your company’s needs, please contact us at marketing@1stoptr.com)


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